About Us......

We are three sisters working to get into or stay in shape! Ara is the oldest (26) and is trying to lose weight and get in shape before having children with her husband. Carlyn is the middle child (23) her desire is to get in shape and have the endurance to keep up with the youth she works with. Emmalee is the youngest (17) and is already an athlete. But now her sport and time is high school is almost over and she wants to stay in shape!

Our blog is a way for us to encourage each other and help each other reach our goals. Please feel free to follow along! You can follow each sister or just the one you find interesting or have things in common with!

Ara's days to post are Monday and Thursday.
Carlyn's days are Tuesday and Friday.
Emm's days are Wednesday and Saturday.

And we'll throw in tips and fun stories as we go along! Welcome to our blog!! -The 3 Sisters

p.s. We would also like to say that this is to help encourage us to keep up the good work and help us stay on track BUT we know we could not even do this by ourselves or as 3 sister's with out God by our side pushing us along!

Monday, September 26, 2011

First Weigh IN

Well Dad and I weighed in this morning.
Dad lost 3 pounds and I lost 1 pound.
Yes, I was a little depressed, but it didn't last long.
I am determined to loose more this next week.
Then it will be hard to loose since I will be down and out for a while.

I will order my wet suit soon!! LOL

Praying you all had success too!
Love to all, Mom (and Dad)

Monday, September 19, 2011

I hope you all are ready!!!

I hope you all are ready to get this weight loss fun going! You should already have your chart made, found your scale and tape measure and put it all in a well-seen area. You should also have done your first weigh-in today.

Make sure you record your first weight and inch measurements on your chart and start thinking about what your goal is going to be.

Here is a weight calculator that you may find helpful... http://myweightlosscalculator.com/

It seems a little complicated to me but you can at least hit the 'measure your metabolism' link and it will help you know what kind of calories you are probably burning right now and how you can change it in the future to meet your goal.

Remember you are in charge of your own weight loss plan.... try new things and keep track of what your doing and share with us what works!

Personally I have decided to plan to lose about 2 lbs a week so my goal is to lose 26 lbs. Leave a comment and let us know your goal!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Challenge to start us off in the right direction!

I have an idea.... lets get back to losing weight and getting fit!

Here's my challenge:

Week 1: Find your scale, Measuring tape, and make a chart

This week (starting today) find your scale and dust it off. I know my scale is looking kind of shabby since the whole pregnancy thing. I got the joy of weighing in at every doctors visit so I avoided weighing in at home at all costs!
Find a measuring tape! Not the hard metal kind for construction.. you need the vinyl kind that will wrap around your arms, waist and hips! Put this measuring tape in the same location as your scale. (the measuring tape is a great addition to the scale because some weeks you can see inches come off even when the pounds aren't!)

These both should be in a place where you cannot ignore them... thinking about putting mine in the kitchen! A great reminder when I'm in a snacking mood!

Lastly, make a chart. You will need to start on Monday, September 19th. You will weigh every single Monday for 3 months. So on Monday you will fill in your current weight and then you will figure out a goal for 3 months and fill that in.... next Monday I will make another post on how to make a healthy realistic goal for yourself. You will need to reply to that post saying what your goal is. You don't have to say your weight number... just say something like "my goal is to lose 30 lbs" and then each Monday you will tell us how much you lost (or gained :P) that week. You will also need to post something you are trying that seems to be working for you, such as "eating more veggies" or "walking at night". You are in charge of your own weight loss, but maybe charting it all together will help us try new things and get us all moving in the right direction!

OK - so let me know what you think and if you're up for this challenge! The people who reach their goal at the end of this challenge get to throw water balloons at the people who didn't during Christmas vacation (and the losers have to buy the water balloons and fill them up)!

Love you all, Ara D.

PS....Mom, let me know if Dad wants to join this challenge! You guys can post together if you want (but you have to do your own separate charts!)