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We are three sisters working to get into or stay in shape! Ara is the oldest (26) and is trying to lose weight and get in shape before having children with her husband. Carlyn is the middle child (23) her desire is to get in shape and have the endurance to keep up with the youth she works with. Emmalee is the youngest (17) and is already an athlete. But now her sport and time is high school is almost over and she wants to stay in shape!

Our blog is a way for us to encourage each other and help each other reach our goals. Please feel free to follow along! You can follow each sister or just the one you find interesting or have things in common with!

Ara's days to post are Monday and Thursday.
Carlyn's days are Tuesday and Friday.
Emm's days are Wednesday and Saturday.

And we'll throw in tips and fun stories as we go along! Welcome to our blog!! -The 3 Sisters

p.s. We would also like to say that this is to help encourage us to keep up the good work and help us stay on track BUT we know we could not even do this by ourselves or as 3 sister's with out God by our side pushing us along!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My sisters are bugging me - so here's the post...

Well its been since Sunday that I have eaten nothing but veggies (popcorn is a form of corn so that counts right?)

I actually feel pretty good. A lot better than I did on Monday or Tuesday. Those first few days and even some last night I felt like heck. I was hungry ALL THE TIME. I felt like the veggies and fruit kept me full for all of 10 minutes. And then the headaches were torture.

I have always gotten headaches whenever I haven't eaten at my normal time. So it would figure that not eating my normal diet would trigger the same effect. Thank goodness I found my bottle of Motrin!!

Anyway, I have feeling over the moon today! I have had a lot of energy (even after an 8 hour day of watching jr high kids in ISS!) and I feel rather refreshed. I don't know if I've lost any weight but thats not what this veggie thing has been about. Its about flushing out all the bad preservatives and trans fats (haha - I fixed it but I just wrote "trans farts" - haha - I LOVE typos!). Plus only eating veggies and fruits for a while has made me really want some of the healthy stuff I wouldn't have wanted before... mainly to give me some variety!!

So all in all, this has been a good experience for me! I'm glad to have done it but glad it will be done with soon!!!!

Current Weight: (not posting this yet... waiting until after veggie week)
Exercise since last post: awesome workout on the gazelle Tuesday night and various walks
Upper arm in inches: (waiting until after veggie week)
Bust in inches: (ditto)
Waist in inches: (ditto)
Hips in inches: (ditto)

Well my dog has come over to sit on my computer so I guess that is all I will be writing for now! Hope everyone has a safe and healthy weekend! -ara


Emmalee said...


Sometimes for me...

Im happy we r doing this together!!! and next time when Carlyn pays attion in a conversation she can do it too!!! lol

Carlyn said...

We are a special group of sisters!! Not too many people understand the love for each other (and some don't believe it!) But I am SO thankful for both of you and you guys mean so much to me!! I just wish we lived closer together to have more trips down the river and more!!

I'll try to pay attention better (aka...ease drop better!!) Love you!