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We are three sisters working to get into or stay in shape! Ara is the oldest (26) and is trying to lose weight and get in shape before having children with her husband. Carlyn is the middle child (23) her desire is to get in shape and have the endurance to keep up with the youth she works with. Emmalee is the youngest (17) and is already an athlete. But now her sport and time is high school is almost over and she wants to stay in shape!

Our blog is a way for us to encourage each other and help each other reach our goals. Please feel free to follow along! You can follow each sister or just the one you find interesting or have things in common with!

Ara's days to post are Monday and Thursday.
Carlyn's days are Tuesday and Friday.
Emm's days are Wednesday and Saturday.

And we'll throw in tips and fun stories as we go along! Welcome to our blog!! -The 3 Sisters

p.s. We would also like to say that this is to help encourage us to keep up the good work and help us stay on track BUT we know we could not even do this by ourselves or as 3 sister's with out God by our side pushing us along!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

so now... for a nap

Well... idk really what to say but im so tired... maybe it is stress or maybe it is being a senior in high school and just now catching the seniorites and going down with it. But i did not work out today...(sad) but my knee has been killing me and i have been falling asleep in almost every class. I know not good.
I really have been trying to eat good but i think im about to start my woman blessing and i think that makes me crave everything!!! If that is it then that is better then craving everything all the time. I really hope this week will start getting better for me and my 2 sisters. I think about us all the time.

This weekend looks like a need girls weekend with my best friend Erin. She will help me next year on staying in shape and also being myself! i love her, she is also like a sister to me!!!!

So i just got back from a latin party. YES I HAD FOOD... to be truthful i did not have the helthest food but it was good. and i had some icecream but not to much! ohhhh but it was good!!!

I hope that when my knee is feeling better i can get back into running and feel like im in shape... oh man...



Carlyn said...

So I was planning on going to work out tonight, but my knee is killing me as well... but I did play some volleyball with my youth and then walked around putting out flyers for church on Sunday. So I am going to go in the morning...I think...at least that is the plan for now :)

Love ya! and will be praying for you as you recover!

Emmalee said...

i hope my knee does not turn out to be something HORRIBLE.... but hey you playing volleyball is awesome! i wish i could have played. i came home and slept lol. told you i was tired. i hope to wrestle in the morning and then run and lift weights really hard after school. wish i had someone to work out with me so my mind would be off the time.

Ara said...

you can do it sis - still exercise but wait for that knee to heal up. If you don't and you injure it permanently you may not be able to run again. Please take care of yourself!!!! Love you!